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Looking for an electrician in Tamborine? Enersol Electrical is the number one rated Tamborine electrician. Our technicians are qualified and licensed.

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Tamborine Mountain Demographics

Tamborine is a quaint little locality in South East Queensland, Australia, near the Gold Coast. The name of this suburb is not associated with the musical instrument but is Aboriginal in origin.

This neighbourhood serves as a popular tourist destination for enthusiastic travellers from around the globe coming to visit the famous heritage sites it is home to. The streets of this tiny town are dotted with impressive art galleries, tiny cafés, and aesthetic souvenir shops.

Who Do We Provide Our Services?

Our expert electricians specialise in providing electrical services to all types of residential and commercial spaces – no matter how big or small they may be. There is no home or business that our professionals cannot work with.

Whether you need lights installed in your home, are a business trying to go green by switching to solar power, or have repair and maintenance work that needs to be addressed quickly – you know who to call.

Units: if you are facing an electrical problem in your residential unit or apartment, or a flat; call us to book an appointment with us now.

Single story and double story homes: we provide expert electrical services, lights, and air conditioner installation, and solve your water heater problems no matter the size of your home.

Commercial properties: our expert services are not limited to your homes, but we extend them to your business as well. If you own a small or large business in the area or are the owner of a hotel or a guesthouse to cater to the huge inflow of tourists every year, we have got you covered.

We know how important it is for you and your business to have problem free electricity 24 hours a day without any interruption. To ensure this, we are here to resolve any electrical issue that you may be facing in the office or your hotel.

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Why Choose Our Services?

Tambourine Mountain is an area with multiple answers to every problem. There are quite a few electrical service providers in the area that claim to be the best. What, then, sets us apart from the numerous other companies in the business?

Considerate Behaviour

What makes us so different from the other electrical service providers in the neighbourhood is our attitude to the customer.

We are huge believers in customer satisfaction and are of the view that a business should revolve around the requirements and needs of its clients.

We strive to keep you happy by being as understanding and convenient to work with as we can. We will address all your electrical issues at a time of your convenience and will clean up after ourselves after the job is done so you are not left with a messy space.

Our Advantages

Reasons You Should Call Us

We offer guaranteed pricing, no nasty surprises and will treat your home or business as if it were our own.


We ensure we keep our appointment times and provide a courtesy call 30 mins before arrival.

Quality Service

From your first contact through to completion, we will exceed your expectations.


We guarantee our work 100% and will quickly resolve any issues.


Our team respects your time, your family, your privacy and your property.

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