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Get expert advice, repairs and upgrades with our professional Gold Coast strata electricians at Enersol Electrical. With a comprehensive service list and a range of lighting solutions, our professionals are guaranteed to provide you with unmatched lighting solutions tailored to your needs!

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Whether you are a body corporate manager, landlord, or on-site manager, our services are tailored to meet your specific requirements and illuminate your property to perfection.

Our expertise in LED lighting, outdoor and indoor lighting, and security lighting allows us to deliver exceptional results that enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and safety of your strata complex. We understand the importance of well-designed lighting in creating an inviting atmosphere and ensuring the security of your residents and premises.

Our team of skilled electricians will work closely with you to assess your lighting needs and develop a customised plan that exceeds your expectations. Whether you need lighting upgrades for common areas, parking lots, pathways, or any other part of your property, we have you covered.

We are committed to providing high-quality products, impeccable workmanship, and exceptional customer service. When you choose our strata lighting solutions, you can trust that we will deliver outstanding results that transform your property and create a safe, welcoming environment for everyone.

Upgrade your lighting with Enersol Electrical and experience the difference our tailored strata lighting solutions can make. Contact us today at 1300 169 023 to discuss your needs!


We offer a range of strata lighting services Gold Coast tailored to meet your specific strata electrical needs. Our expertise in lighting solutions allows us to provide comprehensive and efficient services that enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and security of your strata property. Here are our key offerings:

With our diverse range of strata lighting services, Enersol Electrical has you covered for all your lighting needs. Our team of skilled strata electrician Gold Coast will work closely with you to understand your requirements and deliver customised and efficient solutions that transform your strata property.

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Everyone seems to be talking about ‘LED lighting’, which simply stands for Light Emitting Diode’. Why is everyone talking about LED Lighting? Mostly because of ever-increasing power bills! Installing or replacing older lights with an LED solution just makes sense (and cents!).

  • LED lights use significantly less power than traditional / older lighting options
  • LED lights can consume about 85% less power than halogen or incandescent lights
  • LED lights are modern and stylish
  • LED globes usually last between 15,000 – 50,000 hours!
  • LED lights operate at a much cooler temperature, making them a safer option

Enersol Electrical services the Gold Coast and surrounding areas, and our highly trained electricians are always prepared to provide you with the most suitable and cost-effective solution. We are proudly local and proudly family-owned and operated.


In strata communities, proper lighting is crucial for enhancing safety, security, and overall aesthetics. Strata lighting systems consist of various fixtures such as streetlights, pathway lights, common area lighting, and parking lot lights. Over time, these fixtures may experience wear and tear or require upgrades to meet changing requirements. This is where strata lighting repairs and installations come into play.

Strata lighting repairs involve addressing electrical issues or malfunctions within the existing lighting system.

Common problems include broken bulbs, faulty wiring, damaged fixtures, or outdated technology. When a lighting issue arises, it is essential to promptly identify the source of the problem and take appropriate measures to rectify it. This may involve replacing defective components, repairing wiring connections, or troubleshooting electrical faults.

So, let our expert electricians handle it for you. With our upfront quotes and transparent communication approach, you can leave the lighting repairs to us.

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By giving priority to strata lighting repairs and installations in Gold Coast, communities can establish well-lit and secure environments that enhance the well-being and satisfaction of both residents and visitors.

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