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Looking for an electrician in Pimpama? Enersol Electrical is the number one rated Pimpama electrician. Our technicians are qualified and licensed.

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Quality services

We are confident in our ability to offer you the services in whatever electrical need you might have. Regardless of the job size, we are fully capable of not only taking it on but providing you with services that make your electrical need’s functionality a priority at all times.

From residential buildings to commercial properties, you must be aware that we have the tools, equipment and staff, with proper training, skill and experience to deliver great quality at affordable prices.


As famously said, ‘time is money’, so we are fully aware of how precious your time is. Also, we are aware of the danger posed if we delay when it’s an emergency. We, therefore, take into consideration the time factor as one of our top-most priorities when working with you. We can then deliver to you our quality services without delays.

Wide variety of electrical services

When it comes to the services we offer, it can best be said that as long as it is electrical, we are going to handle it.

We offer services ranging from Commercial services, Residential services, Electrical panels/ Solar panels installation, Interior and exterior electrical services, Water heating and Air conditioning installation and repairs and so much more.

We are here simply to offer you optimal results as soon as possible regardless of the job size, complexity or specifications.

Any type of building

Whether you own or live within Pimpama whether a single story home, a double story home, a unit, an apartment, our skilled technicians are already experienced in the ups and downs of different electrical decisions in your home and as such will provide you with comprehensive electrical services.

It could be a minor fault or a major emergency, our staff will promptly respond to your electrical concerns. We as well offer reliable services for commercial buildings to ensure the smooth running of your business without interruptions or losses of any sorts from the electrical department.

So wherever you might be in Pimpama, if you need more information or our quality electrical services for your home or business, do not hesitate to make us your first stop by calling us.

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From your first contact through to completion, we will exceed your expectations.


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Our team respects your time, your family, your privacy and your property.

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