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Looking for an electrician in Gilston? Enersol Electrical is the number one rated Gilston electrician. Our technicians are qualified and licensed.

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Gilston Demographics

With the location of Gold Coast Broadwater, Gilston is undoubtedly a land of unparalleled charm and beauty. Australian Census 2016 recorded its population consisting of 2459 people.

Amazingly, it has access to a number of water bodies and significant roads, which enhances the importance of this suburb even more. With all the amazing facilities like post offices, medical centres, malls, food points, etc. this town has a very active and professional electrician’s team operated by us.

We are putting enormous efforts to provide you below given services;

Electrical Services For Inhabitants

Are you living in a comfy single story house or a luxury double story house? No matter how big or small your residential area is, our services are equal for everyone. Our services range from basic electrical wiring to complex appliance fixation and instalment. We are expert at handling all kinds of electrical problems.

We love to install electrical wiring in new houses, and we can also fix the recurring problems in the previously installed electrical setup.

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Why Choose Us?

There are many other electrical companies active in the town. So, you must be curious to know what differentiates us from them. Here are the few reasons that will definitely convince you;

Quick Service

Unlike other electrical agencies, our quick and active team reaches on the destination right after the call. We are totally aware of the fact that issues occurring in the electricity system can be very dangerous and the solution cannot be delayed.

So, without considering the time, either its day or night, just make a phone call and our team will be there to serve you. Every single query is dealt with seriousness by our team.

Experience and Expertise

We make enormous efforts while selecting the electricians for our team, and then, make them go through the necessary training. Our team is not just newly created; rather, we have experienced staff. Their experience and expertise will provide an effective solution to all your electricity problems.

The blind selection of team members is not encouraged in our company. Every teammate is hired after considering their qualification, experience, and skills.

Advance Gadgets and Technology

To provide the best possible services to our customers, we use the latest technology and advanced gadgets. We don’t compromise on quality and efficiency. The latest technology and extra efficient gadgets used by our team help in providing quick and instant solutions to our customers.

That’s how we are winning the trust of people and enlightening their lives. You can also enjoy the perks of our services.

Just make sure to call us and describe your problem. Our team will reach on the doorstep to provide the solution!

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We offer guaranteed pricing, no nasty surprises and will treat your home or business as if it were our own.


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From your first contact through to completion, we will exceed your expectations.


We guarantee our work 100% and will quickly resolve any issues.


Our team respects your time, your family, your privacy and your property.

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